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Angel View Resale Store Locations

Resale Stores Support Angel View

Angel View operates Resale Stores in Riverside and San Bernardino counties and Clearance Centers in Palm Springs and Hemet that offer shoppers a wide variety of constantly changing merchandise. All proceeds from the sale of our gently used merchandise directly benefit the children and adults with disabilities we assist through our programs and services. To reach our stores, call (866) 670-8666.

Not Your Typical Thrift Stores
When you shop at Angel View, you will find great prices on quality family apparel, shoes, jewelry, accessories, books, household goods and more. In our full-line stores, you will also find furniture, electronics, and appliances. 

We are entirely dependent on the generosity of our donors to fill our stores with treasures. Donors provide us with over 3 million pounds of material annually that we resell, reuse or recycle. Donations are accepted seven days a week at all of our store and boutique locations, or to arrange pickup of large items, please call (866) 670-8666. While we try to help donors by picking up all of their unwanted goods, there are a few things we are not allowed to accept. Please click here for that list. For questions not answered in our FAQs below, please email us.

Remember: If it’s not becoming to you, it should be coming to Angel View! To directly support Angel View's programs and services, donate now.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a non-profit charitable organization to be exempt from collecting and reporting sales tax it must:
  • Employ people with disabilities in the function of the store, or
  • Provide services to people with HIV and AIDS as its core mission.
Angel View currently does not qualify for either of these exemptions because (a) most of our clients' disabilities are so severe they would not be able to work in our stores and (b) although we do provide services to those with HIV and AIDS, it is not our primary mission.

Except in cases where the customer has a valid resale license on file, sales tax is charged on all merchandise sales.  And because state law requires it, we also charge sales tax on delivery charges because we make deliveries with or own trucks.  

Sales tax is charged even if the customer is visiting from a state that does not have a sales tax program,  California is an “origin-based” sales tax state. This means that the sale is considered to take place where the sale is completed, so Angel View has to charge sales tax.

We try to price our merchandise fairly, usually not more than 25% of its original “new” value; however, not all of our workers know the value of all of the goods that get donated. Sometimes we over-estimate (in which case the item will be marked down after four weeks on the sales floor) and sometimes we under-estimate and don’t generate as much for our charitable programs as we would like. Plus, like any merchant, we have to pay our bills before there is anything left over to support our mission.  

The proceeds from store sales are used to provide services to our clients, all of whom are living with severe disabling conditions. The sole reason our stores exists is to make money to provide services for our clients. It is our duty to make the most money possible so we can provide these services. We work hard to determine which prices will sell the most merchandise while providing the greatest good for our residents and other clients.  
We love all of our customers equally and have chosen not to provide special pricing to any particular group. We prefer to offer a consistent, structured mark down program based on how long the merchandise has been on our racks. We ticket our merchandise with six different colored price tags. Each week a different color tag goes to half price after the item has been offered for sale at full price for four weeks thereby helping to ensure that you always see fresh merchandise in our stores. 
Sorry, we do not barter or trade goods. But you are welcome to donate your belongings and we will issue you a donation receipt for income tax purposes.
Sorry, for space reasons, we do not have a procedure in place for holding merchandise for later purchase. Everything we have for sale is on display until it is sold or transferred out to another store.
Sorry, our security agreement with our bankcard processor prohibits taking credit card payments over the phone.  The credit card processing company requires proof that the card was in our possession when we conducted the transaction.
Actually, we maintain a strict policy that all merchandise must be priced, placed on the selling floor and offered for public sale for a minimum of 24 hours before the employees or volunteers are allowed to purchase it.
Sorry, we are not set up to ship purchases. All sales are strictly cash and carry.
Although we do try to work cooperatively with other charitable organizations, generally speaking, we need to keep our equipment on site and working for Angel View. Special requests such as this must go through the main office and get approval from senior management.
The mattresses we sell in our stores have all been sanitized, recovered to current flammability standards, and labeled and sealed in accordance with state regulation. When a used mattress is donated to us we cannot sell it as it until it has been refurbished in accordance with the California Health and Safety Codes.
Most are open seven days a week, Monday thru Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, although some stores are open later.
We will accept almost everything, however, because of safety, available space, recalls and state laws, we will not be able to accept some things.  Please see our Do Not Accept list. 
All of our stores accept donations during store hours. Please don't drop donations off outside our doors when stores are not open as it will likely result in your donation being stolen before we can collect and sell it. 
In most cases yes. However if the items are particularly large or heavy, please schedule a home pick up by our transportation department by calling 866-670-8666.
To schedule a home pick up please call our office at 866-670-8666 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday, or Saturday or Sunday from 8 am to 3:30 pm. The pick up schedule varies based on your location. The lead time typically ranges from three days to one week, so please plan ahead.
Once an item is donated it becomes the property of Angel View; however, if the original donor with the detailed donation receipt can show proof that specific items were donated in error and he/she wishes to take them back, we will do our best to make that accommodation.
Delivery is a separate service that requires additional time and mileage costs that are not included in the price of the merchandise. If requested in advance, we will be glad to pick up your donation when we make the delivery but we still have to charge our standard delivery fee.

Donations We Cannot Accept

Angel View tries to accommodate all donors' needs but there are a few items we can't accept. Please note we do not accept the following items:


Habitat for Humanity may want your: